The Devious Duplighost is a countdown artist on Youtube and has Doopliss for his mascot. Currently, his design had him lose his hat and wear a hoodie/cape, similar to his sheet. He's also rocking a blue (Favorite color) shirt, and some jeans! He's got gloves too.
Doopliss Design 2

His current avatar

His ChannelEdit

He mainly uses his channel to upload Countdowns but does occasional joke videos or small side projects when he doesn't have new projects in mind.

His Channel:

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  • Aidan might quite possibly be the youngest member in Exodus Knights, at the age of 13.
  • He is a Link X Ilia Shipper
  • He doesn't necessarily have a favorite game but some of them are: Wind Waker HD, Kid Icarus Uprising, Xenoblade Chronicles, Okami, Super Mario Galaxy, Team Fortress 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Portal 2, and The Main Pokémon franchise
  • His favorite franchise is Pokemon
  • His favorite movie is The Lego Movie
  • His favorite thing to eat is Pizza
  • He has ancestors from Ireland that were royalty in the 12th century
  • His favorite Cartoons are: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Total Drama, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Family Guy
  • He likes to swim
  • He likes playing Piano, Bassoon and Tenor Saxophone
  • He owns a Nintendo 64
  • His favorite Youtuber is Chuggaaconroy
  • He has three dogs, named Charlie, Norm and Sueky (Soo-kee)