The members of the New Exodus Knights are:

Admins: Edit

Gerry[1] (The Simirror Leader) -

Sean (The Radiant Hero/The Cheesiant Cheeseburger) [4] -

Alex (StupiesShack) -

Tania (The Pyrotechnic Alchemist) -

PJ (The Celestial Warrior) -

Ricky[2] (MasterJakeStudios) -

Zach (The Mudkip Overlord) -

Members: Edit

Aidan[3] (The Devious Duplighost) -

Rovenami (The Dimensional Bloodringer) - Too lazy to put the links. ;-;

Gabe (EBroxas72) -

Roman (The Shadow Knight of Light) -

Joe (Journeyman's Courage) - TBA

Danny (MindBlownGamer) - TBA

Finn (Findread) - TBA

Michael (newcastlemhull) - TBA

Former Members: Edit

Logan (Guggenheim Gamer) - - Left Due to Personal Issues (Left on October 10th, 2014)

Jackson (The Twisted Ganondorf) - - Left Due to Computer Issues (Left on October 11th, 2014)

Kuro (Kuro Freakin Serpentina) - - Kicked Due to Lack of Effort and Care, Death Threats to other members, and immaturity. (Kicked on December 2nd, 2014)