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Mudkip Overlord

Zach's profile picture used for literally every account he has, created by his close friend JohnAnimations

Zachary A. Clothier (a.k.a The Mudkip Overlord) is a 16 year old teenager who lives in the magical land of Washington State. Zach is an aspiring countdown artist who has yet to make anything past an intro because he is preoccupied by his involvement with his schools drama club and sheer laziness. He is a huge Metroid, Mario, and Smash Bros fan and spends more time than he's willing to admit on those game series. He has also become a huge anime fan recently thanks to the help of one of his close IRL friends. Zach became admin on November 15th, 2014 somehow....

Personality Edit

Zach is a flamboyant (But still straight), and energetic lad. He constantly does things just to see people smile and laugh, and always tries to find positives in even the worst things.He is usually seen smiling constantly, though a lot of the time can be fairly shy. However, due to past events in life that mortally traumatized him, Zach is easily annoyed and his happy go lucky nature can flip in the blink of an eye and he can become extremely angered or depressed depending on the situation. Though during these times, he brings his "skills of the theater" forth, and puts on an act of happiness to keep others in a positive mood.

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YouTube Channel Edit

Zach makes videos. :0 Edit

Not very often... But yeah there is videos!

Trivia Edit

  • Zach has an addiction to Jennifer Lawrence. He loves her so much that he owns a cardboard cutout of her in the role of Katniss.
  • Despite Mudkip being his mascot, it is not his favorite Pokemon. (His favorite Pokemon is a tie between Scizor and Emolga)
  • Zach collaborates with an aspiring cartoon animator (JohnAnimations) to create things such as his profile picture, channel banner, and various animations threw out his eventual videos
  • Zach is legally blind, having a rare eye disorder known as Achromatopsia
  • Zach's guilty pleasure is romance animes, his favorite of that genre being "Say I Love You"
  • Zach's first game he ever played was Super Mario 64, and to this day he still claims it as his favorite game of all time mostly for its "therapeutic traits".
  • Outside of the relms of the internet. Zach literally has two guy friends, and about 40-50 girl friends. Yet he has yet to never even be in a single relationship
  • To follow up on that... Zach has beaten Super Mario 64 more times than he's willing to admit.
  • Due to childhood events combined with traces of depression. Zach has regular visits to therapy.
  • Zach's ultimate goal in life is to one day work at Retro Studio's.
  • Zach loves "Say I Love You" on an unsettling level....
  • Zach has abs.
  • Zach's favorite food is Salmon and Shrimp. He loves dem seafoods.
  • To this day, Zach still has no clue why he's even in The Exodus Knight's, more so how he even became an admin...
  • Zach goes by the nickname Zatch (pronounced za-t-ch) after a typo on a school document, and "Stripper With da' Body" because he became known to take off his shirt constantly in his drama club.

What Others Think of Him Edit

"He the mang." - Gerry